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We are a software development company with strong experience and focus on building UI Applications for Embedded Devices. Through the years working with clients, we’ve learned the product development cycle and thus we know very well how important is to be able to re-use parts or even the complete code that was created during the initial prototyping phase on the final product. Also knowing that the design can change drastically between the iteration cycles, we can help you create a flexible application that could be easily alternated and used on top of different systems as well as on different platforms. Contact us today to discuss about your next ideas!

Qt/QML C++ JavaScript MQTT Desktop Embedded Linux Embedded Systems Performance and optimizations Cross platform applications development UI/UX Design Reusable & scalable code Prototyping From prototype to production mind set

We work agile!

We analyze the project requirements and start working together with you in a planned and organized manner presented and agreed upon. You have access to the design&development process and results anytime and your feedback is received and any changes are evaluated and implemented immediately. This way we increase productivity and decrease time and costs meanwhile we keep quality standards and meet deadlines!  

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"We always intent to provide quality design&software solutions adapted to our clients needs and ways of working. We believe that flexibility, agility and willing to learn&improve are the keys to a successful collaboration achieving the desired results."

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