Who doesn’t want a beer with some gambling on the “strip” when returning from an exhausting day full of mind-blowing things to see? Well, the CES perfectly combines those two!

Extenly was there this year as a valued international guest, an opportunity that couldn’t be missed!

When we talk about CES, we talk about an endless exhibition of the latest and greatest electronics as well as a huge market place where one can buy peripherals, supplies and in some cases the same items exhibited. All major companies in the industry are there to celebrate this event of the year showing the work they have been doing until then. Some companies can invest millions of dollars and they usually have specific teams working on the demos for CES in particular – this is the perfect timing to capture media and customers’ attention, gain visibility and maintain a good position in the market. A good example is this years’ Mercedes Benz concept car, the VISION AVTR. 

This is a fully autonomous car but there is also the possibility of it to be controlled by a human from an accordion-like button which is located between the front seats. The complete front is a projection display with no instrument cluster, and the menu items are projected on the user’s hand and operated with hand movements. The interior and exterior of the car are full of very carefully placed LED lights and the rear has 33 “bionic flaps” which purpose is to interact with the driver (simple scenario: driver approaches the car, the “bionic flaps” wave him)  but also to indicate to the external people states of the car, like red light and inclination when cutting speed, blue and opposite inclination when accelerating etc. 

“This car is an animal” an engineer said, “it is meant to be part of you” a lead designer said, and it’s actually very well achieved. 

Far from Daimler’s booth, LG was showing their latest flexible displays together with their vision of futuristic living room areas.

Also cooking and wash dishing robots as well as digital restaurant assistants couldn’t be missing.

Among others one could see the luxury boat from Brunswick, jeeps, e-bikes, holographic displays and smart home robots.

CES is a way to envision the future and also a great opportunity to meet and catch up with friends and colleagues from the industry, do some networking and enjoy Las Vegas – definitely worth visiting!